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[FDA News] FDA Raises Concerns Regarding the Safe Utilization of Smartwatches and Smart Rings for Blood Glucose Monitoring.

Date: 2/28/2024

smartwarch warning

It's crucial to pay attention to the recent FDA warning regarding smartwatches and smart rings claiming to measure blood glucose levels without skin piercing. The FDA emphasizes the unreliability of glucose readings from these devices, which could potentially lead to dangerous consequences such as insulin overdose or inadequate medication adjustments.

Here's the takeaway: Do not purchase or use smartwatches or smart rings claiming to measure blood glucose levels. These devices, often available through online platforms or direct sellers, lack FDA review, raising concerns about their accuracy and effectiveness in glucose measurement.

For those whose medical care relies on precise blood glucose monitoring, consulting healthcare providers is paramount. Discuss options for FDA-authorized devices that ensure accurate readings and reliable diabetes management.

It's essential to note that numerous companies manufacture these smartwatches and smart rings, each marketed under various brand names. The FDA's safety communication applies universally to any device claiming to measure blood glucose without skin piercing, irrespective of the manufacturer or brand.

Healthcare providers play a pivotal role in patient education regarding this risk. By guiding patients towards FDA-approved devices and emphasizing the potential hazards associated with unauthorized glucose measuring tools, they can safeguard patient health effectively.

The FDA remains proactive in addressing this issue, taking necessary actions to ensure patient safety. Stay informed about the FDA's latest safety communication for comprehensive details on this matter.

Your health matters most. Prioritize accuracy and reliability in blood glucose monitoring to effectively manage diabetes and mitigate potential risks.

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