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Having the right scientific data is the key to demonstrate your product’s safety, efficiency, and effectiveness, and we can help you get this data. Products that contact physical parts of human bodies to bring about their purpose may be demanded to demonstrate its safety via biocompatibility testing whereas products that require electricity to operate to design may be required for EMC testing. Products that do not have enough data to facilitate may be required to gather data through well-designed clinical trials. There are so many ways to prove your product, and our expert FDA consultants can help you to choose the best solution fitting for your unique needs.

We recognize that there are unique testing methodologies for each product and the need for customization or even the development of a new testing methodology to meet FDA standards which we provide consultation. With that addressed, the following are some of the well-known testing services we offer our clients.

  • Biocompatibility

  • Physical Testings

  • Pharmaceutical Testing

  • Microbiology

  • Quality & Performance Testing

  • Material Testing

  • Stability Testing

  • Health & Beauty Testing

  • Chemical Testing

  • Fire & Flammability Testing

Test Tubes
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