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Ensuring client satisfaction is our top priority. Take a moment to review what our clients have to say about our services.

"Seamless Onboarding Experience with Outstanding Customer Service!
From the moment we began our onboarding process with the consulting firm to register our products under MoCRA with the FDA, we were thoroughly impressed! The team displayed exceptional professionalism and knowledge, making the entire experience not only smooth but genuinely enjoyable.
Every interaction was marked by their eagerness to assist, as they patiently answered all our questions and addressed any concerns with clarity and detail. This level of customer service truly set them apart and instilled a strong sense of confidence in their capabilities. Especially the CEO Sung was extremely knowledgeable and well versed with new hurdle in our industry.
We are excited to continue our journey with them and have high hopes for a successful registration process. Based on our experience so far, we are optimistic that everything will proceed without a hitch. We highly recommend their services to anyone looking to navigate the complexities of FDA registration with a reliable partner by their side.
I’ll be back to review again once our products are registered!"



"I've been working with Provision Consulting Group for around 2 years now, and I can't recommend them enough! Sung and Joyce are absolute stars—knowledgeable, attentive, and genuinely friendly. They've been instrumental in helping us navigate the complex FDA regulations for cosmetics. Every step of the way, they've been there with a smile, ready to solve any issue and answer every question. It's rare to find such dedicated and caring professionals. If you need expert guidance in this field, look no further!"



"We are satisfied with the prompt response and reasonable prices. The professionalism and friendliness of the CEO and staff are standard features."



"Provision Consulting Group is a highly professional team. They consistently deliver top-notch consulting services, and it has been a great pleasure working with them."



"Grateful to start a relationship with Provision and for their assistance as an Initial Importer. The process was smooth from start to finish, without any pressure. This both saves and helps our business as we look ahead in 2024 and beyond. Thanks to Provision Consulting Group."



Screenshot 2024-05-01 135203.png

"I've truly never seen a place that provides more thorough, more accurate, kinder, and more detailed consulting than this. Additionally, the depth of information was exceptional, and I was satisfied with the speed of response. In fact, due to the time difference between Korea and the United States, it usually takes several days to receive a reply, but this was not the case with Provision. I sent an email in the afternoon, and when I went to work the next day and opened the email, I was sure to get a reply. hehe
If I send an email in the morning, I get a reply right away. I was 100% satisfied with the speed of everything. Thank you so much, and I highly recommend Provision."



Screenshot 2024-05-01 135812.png

"What can I say about Joyce and her amazing team? The whole team are incredibly skilled when it comes to all things food and drug related FDA related matters. I ran more than 10 different brands FDA registration process with Provision, and they were all successful and their process was very streamlined. They operate with true integrity and will treat you well!"



Screenshot 2024-05-01 135757.png

"I've had the pleasure of collaborating with Provision on multiple occasions to meet our FDA registration and compliance requirements for our skincare brand. Sung and Joyce were exceptionally helpful and hands-on, guiding us through a seamless process. I recommend Provision Consulting Group to any brand or business in need of FDA compliance."



Screenshot 2024-05-01 135824.png

"Working with this company was nothing but amazing! Very professional, helpful and supportive!"



Screenshot 2024-05-01 135842.png

"One of the beset consulting service I have ever received. They are very professional and intelligent!"



"As a non-expert, you provided detailed explanations of areas that I wasn't familiar with and guided me well, resulting in satisfactory outcomes. Thank you!"



"The consulting work conducted to improve the GMP system was a meaningful opportunity to identify areas for improvement based on various perspectives."



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