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Who We Are

Provision Consulting Group is a US-based local FDA regulatory consulting firm located in California. We provide consulting services to clients in various fields requiring FDA regulatory compliance. We handle tasks directly from A to Z under the supervision of in-house consultants in cosmetics, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, and biologics sectors, as well as requirements for cGMP, quality management systems, clinical and non-clinical trials, and other matters such as warning letters, flags from online platforms like Amazon and more.

Over the past 8 years, we have accumulated expertise in serving global clients comprising over 350 medical device, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, retail, and e-commerce brands, as well as investors located in 13 different countries. We have successfully handled over 900 consulting projects, covering FDA submissions, clinical/non-clinical trials, quality management systems, registration/listing, labeling corrections, customs clearance releases, and e-platform solutions, making us capable of providing a one-stop solution for all FDA-related tasks.

Why Do You Need to Work Closely with Our Firm?

In a business, a vast network of partners, including investors, co-partners, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and way more, is indispensable for business success. Surprisingly, many companies, as our experience has revealed, often underestimate the importance of FDA regulations when they are in an industry where it is regulated by the FDA. This knowledge gap can have far-reaching consequences, impacting not only your business but the entire business ecosystem. Our role as regulatory consultants is to bridge this gap, raising awareness of the vital importance of FDA compliance among all stakeholders, thus safeguarding the integrity and success of your business and its network.

It is within this intricate and transformative realm that the indispensable role of regulatory consultants emerges. Many of our clients, while excelling in their core competencies such as customer service, innovation, supply chain management, marketing, financial management, research and development, human resources, sustainability, IT and cybersecurity, market research, production, distribution, sales and more, often find themselves fully immersed in the day-to-day demands of these essential operations may not possess the specialized expertise or in-house resources required to navigate the complex FDA regulatory requirements efficiently.

Indeed, a common sentiment echoed by our clients, particularly those overseeing regulatory affairs, is their profound appreciation for our involvement. They find solace in our support, as their existing workload is substantial, and they acknowledge that managing FDA regulations demands an immense amount of expertise, time, and effort, which they do not feel confident in handling. Hence, the symbiotic partnership with regulatory consultants is not merely advisable but imperative. This collaborative dynamic enables our clients to channel their energies and resources into their areas of expertise, secure in the knowledge that regulatory consultants are adept at managing the multifaceted realm of compliance. 

What Makes Provision Consulting Group Standout?

To highlight just a selection from our numerous partnerships, we take pride in our collaborations with various government agencies and private enterprises. One of our key partnerships is with the LA Consulate General of the Republic of Korea Economic Advisory Council, where we offer crucial regulatory advice as one of the council members to assist companies' executive management in complying with FDA requirements. Additionally, we provide customized consulting services to private companies such as POSCO, addressing their specific needs. Furthermore, we extend our consultation services to organizations like the Gerson Lehrman Group, connecting their industry-leading clients with experts like us, facilitating well-informed decision-making, access to valuable market insights, and a deeper understanding of industry trends.

  • Our in-house consultants directly handle FDA approval tasks, ensuring effective supervision and management.

  • We analyze issues from the U.S. FDA's perspective, offering accurate solutions to address our clients' challenges.

  • Leveraging our network with prestigious universities, clinical institutions, and research organizations in the United States, we generate essential data for our clients.

  • We are a legally incorporated company in Chino Hills, California, USA.

  • Our extensive experience serving clients from diverse cultural backgrounds has given us profound insights beyond regulatory compliance, acknowledging the significance of organizational and operational standards in regulatory matters.

  • Combining this deep understanding with our regulatory expertise, rich consulting experience, and proficiency in multiple languages, we confidently provide optimal solutions for clients worldwide.

Our Clients Around the World
global client

Our impressive track record speaks for itself, with more than 350 clients hailing from a variety of sectors benefiting from our expertise. Over the years, we've successfully executed over 900 projects for clients in 14 countries, ranging from the United States and South Korea to Europe, the United Kingdom, China, Australia, and more.

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