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Class action lawsuit filed over hair care products causing baldness and scalp damage

The hair care product line, OGX, is facing a class action lawsuit over containing toxic chemicals that allegedly caused hair loss and scalp damage.

The class action suit alleges parent company Johnson and Johnson marketed the items as being beneficial to hair care despite knowing it contained a chemical that the company admits is harmful.

“Plaintiff (Larissa Whipple) purchased the Products because of Johnson & Johnson’s uniform false representation that the Products would smooth, nourish, soften, repair, and/or revive her hair,” the lawsuit states.

Instead, she alleges it caused baldness and scalp damage from using it as written

on the instructions label. One specific ingredient in question is DMDM Hydantoin,

a form of the carcinogen formaldehyde. It was utilized as a preservative in all OGX products.

The lawsuit argues Johnson and Johnson removed the chemical from its own products by the end of 2015, but did not set the same standard for the OGX products

when it acquired them. It also quotes a section of Johnson and Johnson’s website

for consumer safety where it states the company doesn’t use the toxic chemical

in any of its products.

“Accordingly, Johnson & Johnson misled and deceived the public, and placed its customers in harm’s way, all for the sake of increased profits,” the lawsuit argues.

NewsNation has reached out to Johnson and Johnson for a statement, but the company

has not responded at this time.

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