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Don't Sweat MoCRA Compliance: Provision Takes Care of Your Cosmetic Testing Needs!

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The Modernization of Cosmetics Regulation Act (MoCRA) is coming into effect soon, and cosmetic companies across the country are scrambling to ensure their products meet the new safety and labeling standards. One of the most crucial aspects of MoCRA compliance is thorough testing of your products. But where do you even begin?

Provision Consulting Group: Your One-Stop Shop for MoCRA Testing

At Provision Consulting Group, we understand the complexities of MoCRA and the importance of efficient, reliable testing for your cosmetics. That's why we offer a comprehensive suite of testing services to help you navigate this new regulatory landscape with ease.

We Partner with a Network of Top-Tier Laboratories:

Unlike some consulting groups, we don't limit you to in-house labs. We leverage a vast network of pre-vetted, high-quality laboratories across the nation. This gives you access to a wider range of expertise and faster turnaround times, ensuring your testing needs are met efficiently.

Common MoCRA Testings:

  • Microbiology Lab Testing

  • Chemistry Testing

  • Stability Testing

  • Preservative Efficacy Testing

Beyond Testing: Peace of Mind with Provision

Our commitment goes beyond just providing testing services. We take the burden off your shoulders and ensure a seamless experience:

  • Finding the Right Lab: We handle the legwork of finding the perfect lab for your specific needs, saving you valuable time and resources.

  • Project Management: We oversee the entire testing process, ensuring clear communication and timely completion.

  • Transparent Communication: We keep you informed at every step, providing you with clear and concise updates on your testing progress.

Focus on Your Business, We'll Handle the Rest

Don't let MoCRA compliance testing become a logistical nightmare for your cosmetic company. Partner with Provision Consulting Group and let our experts take care of everything. We'll ensure your products meet all the necessary requirements, allowing you to focus on what matters most – creating innovative and safe cosmetics for your customers.

Contact Provision Consulting Group today and get a quote for your MoCRA testing needs!

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 Provision work professionally while meeting clients' needs.

We will streamline the regulatory processes so that our clients can utilize their time

and money most efficiently.

Experience the best FDA approval directions and solutions!

If you have questions about FDA regulation,


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