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[FDA News] FDA Warns about Another "Fake" Set of Eye Drop Products

Updated: 2/2/2024

fda eye drop products

FDA Warns about Another "Fake" Set of Eye Drop Products - ㅅoday (January 31, 3024) the FDA is warning people about fake eye drops that are trying to imitate Bausch + Lomb’s Lumify brand. These copycat drops are not approved by the FDA and could be harmful. While the FDA hasn't received reports of problems with these specific products, they've received reports of issues with fake Lumify, like poor quality, eye irritation, pain, and infections.

The FDA tested samples of two of these copycat drops, South Moon and Rebright, bought online. They found that South Moon drops were contaminated with Burkholderia cepacia complex, a harmful bacteria. Both South Moon and Rebright drops didn't contain the active ingredient found in Lumify, called brimonidine tartrate.

The FDA couldn't get samples of the third product called FivFivGo. All three products have labels that look like Lumify's label, which is concerning.

fake eye drop products

The FDA is still looking into where these products come from, but they suspect that at least one of them originates from China. The increasing number of fake and counterfeit products entering the U.S. market keeps the FDA constantly on alert. Giving consumers early warnings about these potentially dangerous products is crucial. It helps people stay vigilant and avoid fake items while the FDA takes strong regulatory and enforcement actions against them.

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