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FDA MoCRA Deadline is approaching - Make sure your cosmetic products meet the requirements - Start signing up now!

Date: 4/2/2024

fda mocra

Register your facility with the FDA by July 1, 2024

The Modernization of Cosmetics Regulation Act 2022 (MoCRA) extends the FDA's oversight over the cosmetics and beauty industry. Let us assist you in registering with the FDA today.


The Modernization of Cosmetics Regulation Act (MoCRA) makes sure that cosmetic products sold in the US are safe. It gives the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) more power to oversee these products. This law affects companies that make and sell cosmetics in the US. There are new rules for cosmetic brands, factories, and sellers.


If you have a cosmetics business in the US, we can help you follow MoCRA. We have a lot of experience in the cosmetics industry and know US regulations well. We can guide you through MoCRA requirements and help you understand what you need to do. The first step is registering your business with the FDA by July 1, 2024, or within 60 days of any changes. Fill out the form below, and we'll assist you in registering your facility with the FDA and making sure you're compliant with MoCRA.

We can help with the MoCRA's requirements:

  1. Registering your facility and listing your products.

  2. Following good manufacturing practices (GMP).

  3. Reporting any bad reactions to products.

  4. Make sure your products are safe.

  5. Clearly labeling fragrance allergens.

  6. Testing methods for cosmetics that contain talc.

provision consulting group

 Provision work professionally while meeting clients' needs.

We will streamline the regulatory processes so that our clients can utilize their time

and money most efficiently.

Experience the best FDA approval directions and solutions!

If you have questions about FDA regulation,


Office 1-909-493-3276


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