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[FDA News] The FDA has identified a single cinnamon processor as the likely source of lead contamination in the recalled applesauce pouches

Date: 2/7/2024

applesauce recalled

The FDA revealed on Tuesday that WanaBana's recalled cinnamon applesauce pouches, linked to lead poisoning cases in the U.S., likely came from one cinnamon processor in Ecuador. Carlos Aguilera, the processor, sourced cinnamon from Sri Lanka but denied contamination allegations. The pouches are made at Austrofoods, using cinnamon from Negasmart, who sources from Aguilera. Aguilera's business is suspended amid investigations. WanaBana and Negasmart haven't commented. The FDA is investigating lead contamination in WanaBana products, stressing the need for robust quality control in the supply chain. Stay tuned for updates.

As of February 2nd, the CDC has received reports of 413 cases of high blood lead levels associated with WanaBana pouches in 43 states. The situation has raised concerns about what actions the FDA can take against Carlos Aguilera, the suspected source of contamination.

The FDA admits it has limited power over foreign suppliers like Negasmart, who provides cinnamon to Aguilera. However, the FDA reassures that if contamination is confirmed, they'll work with manufacturers to fix the problem and stop tainted products from entering the U.S.

To enhance safety measures, the FDA is collaborating with Customs and Border Protection to screen imports from Negasmart and cinnamon from Ecuador.

As investigations continue, the FDA promises transparency. While Negasmart's direct shipment to the U.S. is confirmed, details about Aguilera's products are still unclear.

Stay tuned for updates as health officials work to address this issue and ensure food safety for all.

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